Bombardier Rally 200 Top Speed, Specs & Reviews

The Bombardier Rally 200 is a popular ATV that has been around since the early 2000s. 

It is an affordable and reliable option for those who want to explore off-road terrain without breaking the bank. 

In this article, I will be sharing the top speed, specs, reviews, and pros and cons of this ATV.

Bombardier Rally 200 Top Speed

The Bombardier Rally 200 has a top speed of up to 68 mph. Due to this, it is a great choice for racing on trails and other off-road terrain. 

It is also capable of tackling tough terrain with ease due to its powerful engine.

It has enough torque and power to easily climb rocky hills or slippery slopes with no problem at all. 

The machine accelerates quickly due to its lightweight design and provides excellent handling even at high speeds thanks to its wide tires and large wheelbase which gives it superb stability in turns or tight corners.

Bombardier Rally 200 Speed Comparison

When comparing the Rally 200 with competitors such as the Yamaha Big Bear 400 and Honda Rancher 420, it becomes quickly evident that the Rally 200 outperforms them in terms of speed.

The Rally 200’s 200cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine delivers an impressive 19 horsepower at 6,500 RPM. 

This high power output provides it with rapid acceleration and impressive top speeds of up to 68 MPH on flat terrain. 

The Big Bear 400 and Rancher 420 lag behind significantly in this regard, achieving maximum speeds of only 35 MPH – a full 15 MPH slower than the Rally 200.

Specs & Features


This ATV has superb handling that makes it a joy to ride. Its lightweight frame and low center of gravity allow for quick acceleration and tight cornering, while its long wheelbase and wide track give it excellent stability. 

The suspension is renowned for providing a smooth ride even over rough terrain, with adjustable preload in the rear allowing riders to customize the settings to their own preferences.


The Bombardier Rally 200 has a reliable and powerful 200cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine. 

This engine provides an impressive 19 horsepower output. 

The engine also features an electronic ignition system and automatic compression release for smooth starting and operation even in cold weather conditions. 

The CVT transmission is paired with the engine, allowing for smooth and responsive shifting without any hesitation or lag. 


This ATV has an efficient and reliable drivetrain. 

This all-terrain vehicle features a continuously variable transmission (CVT) coupled to a single-cylinder, two-valve 200cc four-stroke engine. 

The CVT allows the ATV to be driven forward and in reverse while providing smooth power delivery. 

The drivetrain also includes a differential that allows the rear wheels to turn at different speeds when cornering, giving the vehicle better handling characteristics. 

Tires and Brakes

The tires on the Rally 200 are designed to provide excellent traction in deep mud or over rough terrains, and they feature specialized tread patterns to maximize grip. 

The tires are made of a durable rubber compound, designed to last through all kinds of abuse.

The brakes are also top-notch, helping you stop quickly and securely when needed. 

They are outfitted with high-performance calipers, a sturdy rotor system, and brake pads designed for superior stopping power. 

The braking system can be adjusted to fit your personal riding style, giving you maximum control over your ATV’s speed on different surfaces.


Length77.5 inches
Width47 inches
Height38.8 inches
Ground Clearance5.6 inches
Wheelbase48.5 inches
Dry Weight409 lbs

Bombardier Rally 200 Price

The price of Bombardier Rally 200 varies depending upon the different year’s models. On average we can say it can cost you from 2300$ to 2500$.

Pros and Cons


  1. Entry-Level Friendly: With its 200cc engine, it was suitable for beginners or those who did not require a high-powered ATV.
  2. Compact Design: The Rally 200 was compact, making it easier to maneuver, especially on tight trails.
  3. Durable: Many owners reported that with proper maintenance, the Rally 200 was a durable machine and lasted for years.
  4. Automatic Transmission: It features a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which means there’s no manual shifting required, making it easier for newer riders.
  5. Price: Being an entry-level ATV, it was more affordable than some of the larger, high-powered machines.


  1. Limited Power: At 200cc, it’s not the most powerful ATV on the market. This means it might not be suitable for tasks that require a lot of power, like heavy towing or high-speed rides.
  2. Less Features: Being an older model and also an entry-level one, it might lack some of the modern features and technology that newer or more upscale ATVs offer.
  3. Availability of Parts: Since the ATV is an older model, finding replacement parts might become more challenging as time goes on.

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