7 Common Bombardier Outlander 330 Problems (With Fixes)

The Bombardier Outlander 330 is no exception, with some common problems that riders should be aware of before they hit the trails.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven common Bombardier Outlander 330 problems along with their fixes so you can get back out there as soon as possible!

Bombardier Outlander 330 Problems

Bombardier Outlander 330 Problems

1. Electrical Issues

Electrical issues on the Bombardier Outlander 330 can be caused by a variety of problems, such as faulty wiring, loose connections, or blown fuses.

Poor maintenance practices are often the primary cause of these electrical issues.

The most common symptoms of electrical issues include intermittent power failures and flickering lights.


To address these issues it is important to identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action to resolve it.

This may include replacing damaged wires, installing new fuses and ensuring proper connections.

It is also important to inspect all circuit breakers in order to detect any potential damage that could lead to further problems in the future.

2. Fuel System Issues

Fuel System Issues can be a major problem for Bombardier Outlander 330 owners.

The fuel system is responsible for distributing fuel from the tank to the engine, and if it malfunctions, this can lead to poor engine performance and reduced efficiency.

Common issues associated with the fuel system include clogged or defective fuel injectors, a faulty fuel pump, dirty air filters, and blocked or leaking fuel lines.


It is important to regularly inspect and maintain your fuel system by replacing air filters every 30k miles and checking for leaks or blockages in the lines.

3. Engine Oil Leaks

Engine oil leaks can be a serious problem with the Bombardier Outlander 330 ATV, as they can cause damage to the vehicle’s engine.

The source of the problem typically lies in either an inadequate seal around the oil filter or a faulty gasket on the engine block.


To fix this issue, it is important to check both these components and replace them if necessary.

Also, it is also important to regularly inspect and change your engine oil in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

4. Clutch Failure

Clutch failure in a Bombardier Outlander 330 can happen for several reasons.

The primary cause is due to intense friction between the clutch’s components, which causes wear and tear over time.

In some cases, it can also be caused by improper installation or maintenance of the vehicle; the incorrect use of the clutch can also cause it to malfunction.

Clutch failure is a serious issue that needs to be addressed right away, as it can lead to further mechanical problems with your vehicle.


If you are experiencing any signs of clutch failure, such as difficulty shifting gears or grinding noises coming from the engine, you should take your car to a professional mechanic immediately for repairs.

A mechanic will inspect the condition of your clutch and replace any damaged parts if necessary to ensure that your vehicle operates properly again.

5. Starter Problems

The starting problems faced with the Bombardier Outlander 330 are common and can be caused by several different issues.

One possible cause is a weak battery, which will not provide enough power to start the engine.


This can be easily addressed by testing the battery’s voltage and recharging or replacing it if necessary.

Another issue could be an electrical short in the ignition system that prevents the engine from turning over.

This requires troubleshooting and repairs to determine and address the source of the problem.

Lastly, a faulty starter motor itself may need to be replaced if it has been damaged or worn out due to age or regular wear and tear.

6. Radiator Issues

One of the common problems reported in Bombardier Outlander 330 is radiator issues.

This problem can cause the engine to overheat, leading to severe damage to the vehicle.

The cooling system in this model is significantly more complex than other models, and proper maintenance is necessary to ensure its proper operation.

The most common cause of radiator issues is a broken fan belt, which needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Another contributing factor could be an accumulation of dirt or debris inside the radiator, which should be cleared out regularly.

In some cases, a leaking hose or connector may need to be replaced in order for the radiator to work properly again.

7 . Battery Problems

Battery problems on the Bombardier Outlander 330 are usually caused by a weak or dead battery, or an electrical issue preventing the battery from charging properly.

Common symptoms of a faulty battery include reduced engine performance, lack of power when starting, and unexpected engine shutdowns.


It is important to make sure that all electrical components are in top condition and that the battery is receiving the correct amount of charge.

Other possible issues can include corroded cables and terminals, loose connections, and poor insulation on wiring harnesses.


The Bombardier Outlander 330 is a great ATV. However, if you are looking to buy one then it’s important to be aware of the potential problems that can arise with this model.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Bombardier Outlander 330, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Technical Specifications of Bombardier Outlander 330:

Engine4-stroke, single-cylinder
DisplacementApproximately 330cc
Fuel SystemCarbureted
TransmissionContinuously Variable (CVT)
Drive SystemSelectable 2WD/4WD
Front SuspensionIndependent Double A-arm
Rear SuspensionTorsional Trailing Arm (TTA)
Front BrakesDual hydraulic disc
Rear BrakesHydraulic disc

Pros and Cons of Bombardier Outlander 330:


  1. Powerful Engine: The Outlander series is well-regarded for having powerful and reliable engines. Even their lower cc models offer impressive torque for the size.
  2. Versatility: Designed to handle a variety of terrains, from mud to rocks, trails, and more.
  3. Towing Capacity: It often boasts good towing capacity for tasks like hauling equipment or game during hunting trips.
  4. Comfort: The Can-Am Outlander models usually come with ergonomically designed seats and handlebars, providing comfort for longer rides.
  5. Upgradable: There’s a good aftermarket scene for these ATVs, meaning owners can customize and upgrade as they see fit.


  1. Weight: Due to its robust build and features, it can be heavier than some of its counterparts.
  2. Fuel Consumption: Powerful engines can sometimes mean a higher fuel consumption rate, which could be a con for those looking for maximum fuel efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bombardier’s top speed?

The Bombardier Outlander 330 has a top speed of approximately 48 miles per hour (77 kilometers per hour) depending on the terrain.

Who makes the Bombardier Outlander?

The Bombardier Outlander 330 is manufactured by BRP, a Canadian-based manufacturer of recreational and commercial vehicles.

What engines does Bombardier use?

Bombardier uses a 4-stroke gasoline engine with 30HP for the Outlander 330 ATV.

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