6 Common Polaris Sportsman 600 Problems (Should You Buy?)

The Polaris Sportsman 600 is a good ATV because of its power and performance. 

Unfortunately, like any ATV, the Polaris Sportsman 600 can have problems that will need to be fixed. 

Fortunately, many of these problems can be easily fixed. 

In this article, I will discuss some of the most common Polaris Sportsman 600 Problems so you know what to look out for when you take your ATV out.

Polaris Sportsman 600 Problems

Polaris Sportsman 600 Problems

1. Rattling Problem

Polaris Sportsman 600 owners can have a rattling problem which usually will come from the lower right side of the engine. 

You will face this problem while changes in the speed of your ATV. 

The main cause of this problem is faulty bearings. 

To inspect this problem, you should remove the ignition cover and check around the flywheel for loose parts or anything rubbing against it. 

If needed, you should also remove the flywheel to inspect whether there is any damage to any bearings. 

Depending on what is found during this, you may need to rebuild that thing in order to fix this problem.

2. Engine Overheats

Engine overheating is a common problem faced by owners of Polaris Sportsman 600. 

Typically you will get an “Engine Hot” warning on the screen when your ATV engine will overheat. 

To fix this issue you will need to check the radiator for any water, as air bubbles can prevent circulation and cause the engine to overheat. 

It’s also necessary to check all fluid levels in the radiator before running it again to ensure that all fluids are circulating properly. 

If there is no water flowing through the radiator, it could be due to a broken impeller screw on the back of the shaft or a loose impeller, both of which would need to be fixed. 

It is also important for owners to regularly maintain their ATVs by replacing damaged parts, such as coolant and oil.

3. Transmission Problem

One of the most common problems that Polaris Sportsman 600 users experience is gear being hard or difficult to shift. 

This is mostly due to the loose or damaged clutch cable. Because clutch cables can easily become loose which makes it difficult to shift gears. 

So, you should check it and if not properly adjusted, then adjust it. 

Another reason for this is the low or old transmission oil. When oil is low it causes the gears to grind which makes shifting hard. In this case, you will need to change the transmission oil. 

Dust in the drive belt or clutch can also be responsible for this problem. So, you should also clean the belt and clutch often to keep it working smoothly. 

If the shift linkage is not properly aligned or lubricated, it can also cause the gears to grind or become difficult to shift.

To fix this you will need to lubricate the shift linkage properly.  

If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can take your ATV to the dealer. They can fix it for you, if your ATV is under warranty or if this is the manufacturer’s fault.

4. Backfires 

Backfiring is a common problem with the Polaris Sportsman 600. Most of the time riders face this problem when they start the vehicle, or when it is running at lower RPMs. 

The backfire is caused by incomplete combustion of fuel and air in the engine, which results in the ignition of unburned fuel and air mixture in the exhaust system. 

If your ATV is backfiring it can be due to the incorrect spark plug, clogged fuel injectors, a leaky intake manifold, or an overly rich or lean fuel-air mixture. 

In most cases, a faulty carburetor lead to backfiring as it may not be providing the right amount of fuel for combustion. 

To fix this issue, you should start by checking the ignition system components such as spark plugs and distributor cap/rotor for dirt buildup. 

Also, you should inspect all vacuum lines for leaks. 

If no defects are found then make sure that all vacuum lines are connected properly and that all gaskets fit correctly along with checking that everything is tightened to spec. 

5. Starter Problem

One of the most common problems with this ATV is the starter problem. 

This problem usually arises when the starter goes bad, which leads to a lack of acceleration and blinking lights on the dashboard.

If you have experienced this issue with your Polaris Sportsman 600, it could be due to a faulty CDI unit. The CDI unit is responsible for controlling spark timing and fuel delivery to the engine. 

When it malfunctions, it can cause an inability to accelerate beyond 35-40 miles per hour and put a strain on other components like the starter.

To fix this starter problem, you will need to replace the entire stator assembly along with other parts like coils and CDI units. 

This replacement may cost more than $500 in total depending on the damage done to your ATV’s system.

Before replacing parts you should check these things first:

1) Check all fuses and relays: Fuses are designed to protect various systems in your ATV from unexpected power surges. If these fuses are damaged then they will need to be replaced. 

2) Inspect connections: Once all fuses have been checked, inspect all connections in your ATV’s electrical system such as those between relays, wires, terminals, etc. As these could be causing intermittent issues with power delivery and shorting out components like coils or CDI units if not properly secured or connected correctly.

6. Display Not Working

If the display on your Polaris Sportsman 600 is not working, don’t worry you can fix it. 

The most common issue is a blown fuse or a missing fuse, so the first step should be to check the fuse box and look for any missing or blown fuses. 

If no fuses appear to be missing or damaged, then you should proceed to check the wiring in the pod. 

To do this, remove your ignition switch in a pod and test to see if you have 12V from red wires, 12V switched on to red/black wires and 12V switched on to red/white; brown wire should be used as a ground. 

If all of these tests come back negative then it is possible that the speedometer and digital display, 4WD, reverse governor, and 12v accessory plug may all need to be replaced. 

Otherwise, there may be an issue within the internal wiring of your ATV that needs to be fixed by the dealer.

Is Polaris Sportsman 600 Worth Buying?

Yes, Polaris Sportsman 600 is worth buying. 

These are some reasons why you should buy this ATV.

1) Reliability: This is one of the most dependable ATVs out there. With its durable construction and top-notch components, you can be sure that your ride won’t let you down when it matters most.

2) Performance: With its powerful engine, responsive suspension, and nimble handling, the Polaris Sportsman 600 provides a great riding experience. It’s fast enough to keep up with bigger machines, yet still easy to control.

3) Versatility: This ATV can handle anything from cruising on trails to ripping through deep mud or sand. It’s also great for carrying cargo around your property or hauling gear on camping trips.

What Users Say About Polaris Sportsman 600 ATV?

Most of the Polaris Sportsman 600 ATV owners say that it is a rugged and reliable vehicle, capable of tackling the toughest terrain. 

Many users comment on its smooth ride and responsive handling in various conditions. 

They also praise its affordability compared to other models.

This ATV has plenty of power for hauling heavy loads and is able to traverse difficult trails without sacrificing comfort. 

Its adjustable suspension provides a comfortable ride even when encountering bumps and rough terrain.

These are the few reviews of the owners who have used it for a while.

“This is by far one of the best ATVs I’ve ever owned. It runs like a tank and can handle basically anything you throw at it. A smooth ride and 4wd make it unstoppable. The only issue is the drive belt, but it should be replaced every 2-3 years to keep it going. 10/10 recommend this ATV brand and model.” By Ray Perkins

“First bought it as a quick flip but fell in love with it. Rather then replacing the rad fan and rear shocks, I have had no problems with it and have found it to have a great amount of power. would recommend it to anyone.” By Brett Halston

Technical Specifications of the Polaris Sportsman 600:

Technical SpecificationsDescription
Engine Type4-stroke, Single Cylinder
Engine Displacement567 cc
Cooling SystemLiquid
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
TransmissionAutomatic PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission)
Drive SystemOn-Demand True AWD/2WD
Front SuspensionMacPherson Strut
Rear SuspensionDual A-Arm
Front Tires25 x 8-12
Rear Tires25 x 11-12
Front BrakesSingle Lever Hydraulic Disc
Rear BrakesHydraulic Disc
Length83.25 inches (211.4 cm)
Width48.75 inches (123.8 cm)
Height48 inches (121.9 cm)
Wheelbase50.5 inches (128 cm)
Ground Clearance11.25 inches (28.6 cm)
Fuel Capacity4.5 gallons (17 liters)
Dry Weight702 lbs (318 kg)
Towing Capacity1,225 lbs (555.7 kg)
Cargo Box Capacity180 lbs (81.6 kg)
Colors AvailableVarious options available


The Polaris Sportsman 600 is a reliable and powerful quad that can provide many years of enjoyable riding. 

However, you may experience some issues from time to time. 

These are the most common problems reported by its users.

  1. Rattling Problem
  2. Engine Overheats
  3. Transmission Problem
  4. Backfiring Problem
  5. Starter Problem
  6. Display Not Working

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below! 

Thank you for reading!

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