10 Common Honda TRX 700 Problems & Solutions

The Honda TRX 700 is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with a loyal following due to its robust performance and reliability. 

However, like any vehicle, it can encounter certain performance issues. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the common problems that Honda TRX 700 owners face and how to fix them.

Honda TRX 700 Problems

Honda TRX 700 Problems

1. CV Shaft Boot Issues

A common issue Honda TRX 700 owners reported is damage to the CV shaft boot. 

This component protects the CV joint from dirt and debris. Damage to the boot can lead to more severe problems, including CV joint failure.

This problem is common in the earlier models, particularly those from 2008.

The CV shaft boot can become damaged due to intense off-roading activities or wear and tear over time.

Fixing a damaged CV shaft boot involves replacing the boot or the entire CV joint if severe damage occurs.

2. Valve Adjustment Issues

Some Honda TRX 700 owners have reported needing to adjust the valves frequently. 

This process is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of the engine.

This is a common problem across all model years of this ATV.

Valves might require frequent adjustment due to normal wear and tear or if the vehicle is used in extreme conditions.

A skilled mechanic should carry out valve adjustment. 

If the problem persists, a complete valve replacement may be necessary.

3. Clutch Basket Rattling

Another common problem Honda TRX 700 owners reported is a rattling noise from the clutch basket. 

This could indicate a potential issue with the clutch assembly.

The rattling noise could be due to wear and tear of the clutch components or improper assembly.

Fixing a rattling clutch basket usually involves inspecting the clutch assembly and replacing worn-out components.

4. Parking Brake Issues

Some Honda TRX 700 owners have reported problems with the parking brake. 

The brake either stops working or requires frequent adjustments.

This issue is common across various model years.

The issue could be due to a faulty parking brake mechanism or wear and tear of the components.

Fixing a faulty parking brake usually involves replacing the brake mechanism or adjusting the brake components.

5. Heat Shield Bolts Coming Loose

Another common issue Honda TRX 700 owners reported is the heat shield bolts coming loose.

The heat shield bolts could come loose due to vibrations during off-roading activities or faulty installation.

You can fix this problem by tightening them properly. If the bolts are damaged, they should be replaced.

6. Engine Overheating

Some have reported issues with the engine overheating, which can lead to severe engine damage if not addressed promptly.

You can face this problem due to a malfunctioning cooling system, a dirty air filter, or using low-quality fuel.

To fix engine overheating, ensure the cooling system is functioning properly, clean or replace the air filter regularly, and use high-quality fuel.

7. Engine Failure

Engine failure is a severe issue that some Honda TRX 700 owners have encountered. 

This can lead to costly repairs or even require a complete engine replacement.

Engine failure can occur in any model year, but it seems more common in older models.

It can occur for various reasons, such as using low-quality fuel, lack of regular maintenance, or intense off-roading activities.

The vehicle should be taken to a professional mechanic for a thorough inspection and repair if an engine failure occurs.

8. Burning Oil

Some Honda TRX 700 owners have reported their vehicles burning oil excessively. This can lead to a decrease in engine performance and potential engine damage.

This problem is more common in the older models.

It can occur due to worn-out engine components, a damaged piston ring, or using low-quality oil.

Fixing excessive oil burning usually involves replacing worn-out engine components or using high-quality oil.

9. Reverse Limiter Issues

A few Honda TRX 700 owners have encountered problem with the reverse limiter. The machine thinks it’s in reverse, causing the rev limiter to engage and potentially causing accidents.

The reverse limiter problem can occur due to a faulty sensor or a problem with the transmission.

To fix this problem, you will need to replace the faulty sensor or repair the transmission.

10. Tire Wear

Tire wear is a common problem reported by many owners. This issue can affect the vehicle’s handling and performance.

You can face this problem due to normal use, especially if the vehicle is used for off-roading activities. Improper tire inflation can also increase tire wear.

To reduce tire wear, you should ensure the tires are properly inflated and replace the tires when necessary.


The Honda TRX 700 is an excellent ATV known for its durability and performance. 

However, like any vehicle, it can encounter certain issues over time.

But you can easily tackle these problems with little to no effort.

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