Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Problems (With Fixes)

Owning an Arctic Cat Prowler 650 can be a great experience, but there are some common problems you may run into. 

From engine issues to electrical problems, knowing what might go wrong and how to fix them is important. 

In this article, we’ll cover the most common Arctic Cat Prowler 650 issues along with their causes and solutions so that you can keep your all-terrain vehicle running smoothly.

Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Problems

Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Problems

1. Poor Fuel Economy

Poor fuel economy is a common issue among Arctic Cat Prowler 650 owners. 

The most likely cause of this problem is the presence of air leaks in the fuel system, causing the engine to burn too much fuel. 

This can be remedied by ensuring that all connections and hoses are properly sealed and free from any leaks. 

Additionally, regularly checking your spark plugs for signs of wear or damage can help keep your engine running efficiently and improve its fuel economy. 

Doing regular maintenance such as oil changes and cleaning/replacing air filters will also help improve your vehicle’s overall performance and fuel economy.

2. Clutch Problems

One of the most common problems with the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is clutch issues. 

This is typically caused by high-revving or excessive throttle, which puts too much strain on the clutch system and can cause it to fail prematurely. 

The main solution to this issue is to keep revs down and be aware of how much load you are putting on the vehicle. 

Also, it may be necessary to replace parts such as the starter clutch assembly, drive belt, or even a new transmission if the issue persists after trying these solutions. 

Taking care of your Arctic Cat Prowler 650 will ensure that it lasts for many years without any major issues.

3. Starting problem

The Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is known to have problems starting up in cold weather. 

This is due to the lack of a cold start valve which limits the amount of fuel that can reach the engine and cause it to struggle to start. 

A common solution is to install a cold start valve, which helps the fuel flow more smoothly and makes starting much easier in colder temperatures. 

Besides, making sure that oil and other fluids are at appropriate levels can help to ensure a smoother startup process and prevent further issues down the line.

4. Charging problems

The Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is a great all-terrain vehicle, but it does have common charging issues. 

The most prevalent issue is that the battery will not charge while the engine is running, which can be caused by a faulty voltage regulator. 

To resolve this issue, you should check the connections between the charging system and the voltage regulator. If everything looks in order, then it’s likely that the voltage regulator needs to be replaced. 

In some cases, a bad or corroded ground connection may also be causing the problem. 

It’s important to inspect all of these components before replacing the voltage regulator to ensure that your Prowler 650 will charge correctly.

5. Transmission Problems

Transmission problems with the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 can be caused by a variety of issues. 

One common issue is that the transmission fluid may not be changed regularly or frequently enough. 

This causes a build-up of sludge and debris in the transmission causing it to malfunction.

Another cause could be a worn-out seal, which would lead to leaks and further cause malfunctions as well. 

To prevent transmission problems, owners should ensure they are regularly changing their transmission fluid and having their seals inspected for proper functioning. 

Replacing any worn-out seals promptly will help keep your Arctic Cat Prowler 650 running smoothly.

6. Poor Braking Performance

One of the most common problems with an Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is poor braking performance. 

This is mainly due to wear and tear on the brake pads, rotors, and other components of the braking system. 

Over time, these components can become worn down and unable to perform their job effectively. 

To address this problem, it is important to regularly service the brakes on your Prowler 650 by replacing worn parts as necessary and performing regular brake fluid flushes. 

More, you should check all hoses and lines for signs of wear or corrosion that could impede your brakes’ performance.

7. Slow Acceleration

Slow acceleration is a common problem with the Arctic Cat Prowler 650. 

This issue is typically caused by worn spark plugs and/or dirty air filters, which can prevent the engine from achieving optimal power levels. 

To address this problem, it is important to regularly check and replace spark plugs and clean or replace air filters. 

Further, you should check for any obstructions in the exhaust system as these can also impede performance. 

If necessary, you should also inspect all fuel lines and hoses for wear or corrosion that could be restricting fuel flow. 

Regularly servicing your Prowler’s engine will keep it running at peak levels of performance and improve its overall acceleration.

8. Limited Suspension Travel

Limited suspension travel is a common issue with Arctic Cat Prowler 650 models. 

This problem occurs when the suspension does not have enough travel to absorb hits from bumps in the terrain, resulting in an uncomfortable ride. 

The main cause of this issue is either aftermarket parts that don’t fit properly or a worn-out shock absorber that has lost its damping capabilities. 

To fix this, it is necessary to replace the shocks with new ones or to make sure that all components are secured tightly and fitted correctly. 

Also, adding a suspension lift kit can help increase the amount of suspension travel available and improve the overall ride quality.

9. Narrow Clearance

The Arctic Cat Prowler 650 can have issues with tight clearances when maneuvering through the terrain. 

This is due to its smaller wheelbase and wider track, which can make it difficult to fit into tight spaces. 

To combat this issue, the Prowler 650 should be fitted with wider tires that provide better clearance like an ATV or UTV tire. 

Additionally, extra care should be taken while driving the vehicle in areas with tight clearances as even a small mistake can cause major damage to the vehicle. 

The suspension of the Prowler 650 should also be checked regularly to ensure proper performance when navigating challenging terrain.

10. Overheat Issue

One of the most common issues with the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is overheating. 

This issue occurs when the engine becomes too hot and can shut down the vehicle if not addressed. 

The primary cause of this problem is an inefficient cooling system, which can be caused by a number of things such as worn fan belts, low coolant levels, or clogged radiators. 

To prevent this problem, it is important to regularly check and maintain all components of the cooling system such as hoses, belts, lines, and radiators. 

Additionally, it may be necessary to replace parts with fresh ones in order to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency. 


Overall, the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is a great choice for those who want to enjoy off-road adventures without sacrificing comfort or power. 

Despite some potential issues with its transmission and brakes, the vehicle is reliable in most cases and can provide plenty of fun on long rides. 

If you do encounter any problems while using your Prowler 650, it’s important that you take care of them quickly so as not to compromise performance or safety. 

With regular maintenance and proper use, this powerful ATV should give you many years of enjoyment.


Are Arctic Cat prowlers reliable?

Yes, Arctic Cat prowlers are reliable off-road vehicles. They have a powerful engine and their suspension system is designed to provide good stability on rough terrain. 

Additionally, the parts used for the vehicles are designed for long-lasting performance, so you can expect your Arctic Cat Prowler to last many years with proper care and maintenance.

How fast does an Arctic Cat Prowler 650 go?

The Arctic Cat Prowler 650 has a top speed of approximately 31-41 MPH, depending on the model. 

This vehicle is designed for off-road use and features an efficient engine that delivers superior torque and great fuel economy. 

It also includes a range of safety and convenience features to enhance its user experience while riding.

What is a 2006 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 worth?

The value of a 2006 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 will depend on its condition and any additional features. 

Typically, these vehicles range in value from around $3,000 to $8,500 depending on how many miles are on the vehicle and its overall condition. 

It is important to inspect the vehicle before purchasing it if possible as this can help determine an accurate value.

What engine is in an Arctic Cat Prowler?

The Arctic Cat Prowler is equipped with a 641cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine that produces 42 horsepower and 38 lb-ft of torque. 

This engine provides the power for the vehicle to tackle off-road terrain and deliver a smooth ride at higher speeds. 

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